Zone -2 

Assignment Name : Consultancy Services for “Investigation, Design and Construction of Roads, Drains, Water Supply, Sewerage, STP, utility Ducts for Power & ICT, Reuse waterline & Avenue Plantation compatible with trunk infrastructure in Layouts for Land Pooling Schemes Ananthavaram, Nekkalu, Nelapadu, Shankamuru & Thulluru (Part's) in Zone-2 area in Amaravati Capital City, Andhra Pradesh on EPC Basis & performance based O&M of the infrastructure created for a period of 7 years (including DLP of 2Years)


Description of Project:

Investigation and detailed designing of infrastructure in Zone-2 of Amaravati Capital City for the total area of 1,313 Acres, Zone 2 includes Ananthavaram, Nekkalu, Nelapadu, Shakamuru & Thulluru (parts) Land Polling Scheme located at the southern part of the capital city area with a coverage of 2085,49 Acres (8.43 sq.Km). The Roads major Arterial N13, Arterial N15, N16, N17, E7 Sub Arterial N14, E6, E8 Passing through Zone-2 

Salient Features of the Project:

  • Detailed designing of Smart 6 Lane roads  (exclude elevated corridors) : 76.51KM’s
  • ROW : 153M
  • Cycle tracks :138.64KM’s
  • Water Pipe Line :20KM’s
  • Sewer Lines :3.74KM’s
  • Gas Pipes :138.64KM’s
  • Electrical conduit network :20KM’s
  • ICT Network :29KM’s
  • Recycled water :105KM’s
  • Storm Water Drain (3x3.Mts) :42KM’s
  • Inspection chamber :3645No’s
  • Pumping Station :3No’s
  • WMD (Water Management Districts) :52No’s
  • WDC (Water Distribution Center) :3No’s
  • House Water Service Connections :3645No’s
  • Water tank 1000 KL :1No’s
Hyderabad HO:
  • F.No.201, La Pallazzo, A-Block,
  • Sri sai srinivasa hills,
  • Durgam cheruvu road,
  • Madhapur, Hyderabad,
  • Telangana - 500081.
Guntur RO:
  • H.No : 12-1-86,
  • KVR Trust,
  • Factory Road,
  • Kothapet,
  • Guntur - 522001.
Chennai RO:
  • Old door No. 68/1,
  • New door No. 2, AD Block
  • 2nd floor, II nd Street,
  • Anna Nagar,
  • Chennai - 600040.



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